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Member Art Series at CAS ... Diana Felber
In this show you see work from my entire painting art career, so far, from when I began in my 50's to the present, where I am in my 70's. What moves me to paint or draw? I love flowers & the natural world; not a surprise up here in the Berkshires. My garden may be known to some of you already, and I will freely admit to being an avowed plantaholic. I love both colors & the materials of paint: watercolor & oils. It's still fascinating to see what they do, & what I can do with them.So, you will see realistic work, from my earlier days, & more abstract pieces, where I simply play with color. You may even recognize my (now deceased) parents. Ever searching for "my style", I continue to do anything & everything that comes to mind.I hope you enjoy some or much of what I present to you.

In peace, Diana Felber

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