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Study Session with Barbara Cohen:

Some thoughts by Karen Chase

     On Sunday morning, December 6, we had our first of four study gatherings at Barbara Cohen’s eclectic house, which felt like an extension of our homey shul. The title of the meeting was Psalms and Proverbs, Poets and Prophets: Texts and Talk, which underscores how wide-ranging the conversation was. At one point while discussing the concept of many gods, Barbara remarked, "This talk would be considered heresy in some circles.”


     How stimulating it was to hear how other congregants think, joke, question and offer their expertise and knowledge. This study group is not for you if you are looking for a linear examination of pre-arranged topics. But if you are looking for stimulating, fertile dialogue, scrumptious bagels and cream cheese and camaraderie, come to the next study group. Mark your calendar for 10:00am on these Sunday mornings: January 17, 2016, February 28 and April 3.


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