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Advertising & Fundraising:  Linda Josephs   -,  Arthur Hillman

This committee takes the lead in arranging fundraising programs.  It also addresses advertising for membership as the need arises.  New members, new ideas or part time assistance is always welcome and desired.

Endowment Committee:   Marty Stransky -,  Ellen Axelrod and Barry Shapiro

This committee oversees the use of the funds which have been donated to the CAS Endowment Fund.  If you would like to make a donation directly to this fund, please contact Treasurer Marty Stansky or Rabbi, Barbara Cohen.   

Hospitality:     Alison Adams-Weinberg -


This committee takes reservations, arranges set-ups and clean-ups for events serving food at CAS.  We keep the kitchen stocked with paper goods and make sure linens are cleaned after events.


CAS has a variety of events throughout the year and food acts as an enticement to increase participation.  Our membership appreciates the many good cooks who prepare food for these events. Join us for a potluck meal, brunch, or coffee and....  If you are called to volunteer, please say yes and help with our functions.


The synagogue food policy is followed at all events. Click to see policy >>



House & Building Committee:  Linda Josephs  -, Ellen Axelrod 


The CAS house committee is responsible for overseeing the following:

Lawn mowing, snow removal, cleaning furnace filter and furnace servicing, connecting and disconnecting the freeze alarm, fire extinguisher servicing, change batteries in smoke and CO alarm, turn outside water off and on, garden maintenance and watering of lawn.





The membership committee is responsible for welcoming new members.  We introduce them to current members by hosting them personally for "at home" dinners, and welcoming them into the synagogue. 


Women's Group: Barbara Janoff, Barbara Rubin and Sharon Schafler

Contact:  Barbara Janoff    The group meets throughout the year and features interesting programs and guest speakers.


Newsletter Committee:  Arthur Hillman -, Vivian Scheinmann .


The editors of the CAS Online Newsletter are Arthur Hillman and Vivian Scheinmann. If you have an idea for an article or would like to contribute stories, poems etc. to the newsletter, please contact Vivian Scheinmann. 



Nominating Committee: Irene Goldman-Price -, Sandra Flannery, Diana Richter


This committee recommends candidates for election to the Board of Directors.  If you would like to help serve the synagogue by working on the Board and becoming an officer or member of the executive committee, please contact Irene Goldman-Price.


People’s Pantry: Walter Orenstein coordinator,


Every 7 weeks CAS sends volunteers to the Pantry.  There are two shifts: 9-11am and 11-1pm.  Please contact Walter Orenstein to participate.  Volunteers are very much needed.

Program Committee:  Sandra Flannery, Michele Waldman, Robin Berson 


If you have ideas for new programs and events and/or would like to help make those and other events happen, please contact Sandra Flannery.  Currently the Programming committee has 2 subgroups:

  • Adult Education” which includes discussions and lectures.

  • The Movie Minyan, organized by Robin Berson and Michele Waldman.


The Programming committee can also develop new subgroups or be involved in joint programming with any other committees or with other groups initiating special programs.



Ritual and Spiritual Life Committee:  Harold Schrager -, Barbara Cohen,

          John Slote,  Lisa Chamberlain, Jed Schwartz,  Diana Richter, and Richard Richter


The RSL committee decides on, creates and oversees the ritual that is part of the fabric and minhag of Ahavath Sholom: in Shabbat services and holiday services and religious programs.  There are once a month meetings.  If you would like to participate in the process, please contact Harold Schrager.



Web and IT Committee: Alison Adams-Weinberg -

                                                          Arthur Hillman -

The IT committee is responsible for all the communication done via the internet.  This includes emails sent from Constant Contact and information posted on both the website and our Google Calendar.  On a regular basis:

  • We maintain and update the email list for email blasts.

  • We post and update events on the Google calendar.

  • We maintain and update the website with the most current and future information.


Our goal is to keep you informed with minimal emails. So for the most part, any information we have sent via email is meant as a reminder of information that is also posted on our website. If you have not become familiar with our new website, we invite you to check it out at  Our goal is to keep the website simple and organized so you can always find information easily.  On the home page of the website are buttons which take you to the most frequently used pages.


There is a Members' Page, visible by password only, where you can find a current Directory of Members with their contact information. We also offer you the ability to post non-CAS events that you think are of interest to our community. These postings are visible to anyone browsing our site. We are asking that you send a posting for an event at least a week in advance. Also, whenever you send something to the newsletter publishers, and also want it posted on the website, be sure to send it to Andi.


The best way for us to improve the site is to get feedback from you, our members. Please click on the ‘Contact Us’ button and let us know how we are doing. We are also happy to receive questions if you need help navigating.

Web and IT
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