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Member Art Series at CAS ... Michael Sucoff


See below for Artist's Statement


Tree of Life - Temple Sinai, Sharon, MA
A is for…
21” .... just an experiment
Barb loves Jim….initials built for 2 in-love people
Ted-X: 5’x4’ sculpture for a local Ted Talks session

Michael Sucoff Artist Statement

Michael is a self-taught sculptor. His medium is oxy/acetylene which he uses to weld small steel pieces into pleasing shapes. As a contractor, he had a range of leftover metal pieces available to assemble into abstract pieces. He began by filling a void in a new home that he had bought.  That resulted in his first piece, "woman" made from steel rings. Later he began to assemble smaller construction pieces, nails, washers, clips, etc., into free-form pieces. His largest pieces were a 40-ft long sculpture which was installed on the ceiling of the playboy club in Dallas, and featured on the cover of "Interior Design" magazine, and a tree of life done for Temple Sinai in Sharon, MA. He has just returned to active sculpting and is using cut nails to create letters and logos. He would love to make a letter, logo or image to meet your imagination.

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