Member Art Series at CAS ... Sandra Flannery


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Ponte Vecchio Reinterpreted
Gum Leaves

Artist Statement


I learned to quilt in 2000 when we bought our house in the Berkshires. When I quilt I enter a zone of deep concentration and focus.  It is as though the quilt has a voice and chooses the fabric colors, the borders and the design of the quilting that it wants.  I love bright colors and contemporary designs.  Baby quilts that I have made are eye popping: none of the sweet pinks, blues and yellows.  If I am not making a contemporary design quilt, I am usually focused on the natural world- quilts that imply flora and fauna.  Hand quilting is too slow for me although I greatly admire those whose needles do such fine work.  I am a machine quilter and love to use multicolored threads and free form quilting designs.  My quilts are not for sale because each feels like a real part of me.  They are gifted to friends and family for very special occasions.

Sandra Flannery

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