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Member Art Series at CAS ... Paul Solovay

As a photographer, I believe art exists all around us, in real space and real time. The eye must rove unencumbered and uninhibited to see what is overlooked and in some cases “underlooked.”


That said, my task is far from over.  Identifying potential art is not the same as making it your art.  A musician can play a piece of music note for note, but what transforms it into his own artistic statement is interpretation.  That’s what I strive to do. 


My “Active Camera” technique endeavors to allow the viewer an earful of a musical performance merely by viewing the photographs.  It was also the perfect technique to capture Junkanoo color and excitement and spread it beyond its island home.


My flower photographs are heavily influenced by Georgia O’Keefe’s sensual projections and the bold, colorful, abstract paintings of Helen Frankenthaler.


This merging of painterly approaches is easily distinguishable in my photographs yet gives it an identity all its own.

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