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Upstairs Art Gallery at CAS 


Work by many of our CAS members will be featured in exhibitions
throughout the year Upstairs At CAS. Shows will be on view for approximately six to eight weeks. Collectively, the mix of work will present fascinating portrayals of the power of visual arts expression.


Perceive. Appreciate. Respond.


Artists can make a difference.


If you are a maker and would like to show your work, please let me know.

Ilene Spiewak

Rothstein  Lori_edited.jpg

Upstairs Art Gallery at CAS from Dec 8th - mid January

So much energy is packed into Lori's contemplative work.   Masterful brushwork and rich, beautiful color choices compose her engaging still-life and landscape paintings. 
Come see them!

Click here to read Lori's Artist Statement

Rothstein Tree in Garden - Clermont (8x1
Rothstein-Connecticut River Valley (9x12
Lori Rothstein
Tree in Garden - Clermont (8x10)
Connecticut River Valley (9x12)
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