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Member Art Series at CAS ...  Dan Burkhard

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Dan Burkhard

Berkshire Pens


I have always loved working with my hands.  Trained as an electrical engineer, the process of moving from a design diagram to a working model has always been a fascination.  Creating writing instruments, bottle stoppers shaving kits, kitchen and table implements, tops, yo-yos, cutting boards, and lazy-susans from a block of wood or acrylic has moved from a hobby to a home business over the past several years.


My grandfather, Samuel Burkhard, made one of the lathes I use to create my products over a hundred years ago. Originally it was powered by a horse walking around in a circle. Over the years, it was electrified and modified as the need arose. Today, I make my own replacement parts, as there’s no place to buy them!


Grandpa Sam turned cookie jars, lamps, bowls, and toys for his grandchildren. We all had yo-yo’s, baseball bats, and wooden tops which spun perfectly. I was delighted to be the recipient of his lathe and chisels after he passed away. I can imagine his satisfied smile as I complete a project out of native and exotic woods or acrylic materials on our antique family heirloom.


There are a vast array of designs and materials available for making hand turned items. If you are looking for something unique in design, contact me. We will work together to create an item you, or that special someone, will cherish. If you have a piece of wood that has meaning, the possibility exists that you can have an item turned from it. Working on my lathes gives me great pleasure. I welcome the opportunity to share the results with you!



Louis Nizer said “A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist."



Dan Burkhard

Berkshire Pens

413 281 9727

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